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Seta Tsukinowa-cho, Otsu, Shiga, JAPAN
The Molecular Neuroscience Research Center (MNRC)
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Shiga University of Medical Science

Japan Society for Dementia Research

We aim to develop
diagnostic and therapeutic methods
for neurological diseases.

About MNRC

The Molecular Neuroscience Research Center (MNRC) was founded in 1989 as the Molecular Neurobiology Research Center. In April 1st, 2016, the center was renewed as the Brain Disease Research Organization - Molecular Neuroscience Research Center (MNRC), The MNRC, composed of Basic Neuroscience Research Unit, Translational Research Unit and Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit, aims to integrate basic and clinical medicine. In addition, SUMS appointed Dr. Douglas G Walker, outstanding professor in Arizona State University, USA, to be a special contract professor at the MNRC in order to develop international collaborative studies.  Intractable neurological diseases including dementia are increasing in aging societies, in Japan and elsewhere. The MNRC continues its global cutting-edge research; strengthens ties to local community; promotes industry-academia collaboration and develops the skills for research leadership and the medical specialist competence, in order to find solutions for intractable neurological diseases including dementia.

What's new

30/05/2018 Dr. Tamaki and Dr. Urushitani published new therapeutic strategie・・・
01/04/2018 Ms. Undral Buyandelger entered PhD course.・・・
09/03/2018 Congratulations! Dr. Lina Wati Durani obtained PhD.・・・
31/10/2017 We had a welcome party for Dr. Lue and Dr. Dugger at lunch time・・・
31/10/2017 Dr. Lue and Dr. Dugger joined the progress report meeting in MNRC・・・
30/10/2017 The 23rd Molecular Neuroscience Research Center International Sym・・・
28/10/2017 Mr. Shogo Takahata obtained a president award for excellent stude・・・
17/10/2017 Ms. Undral Buyandelger has joined MNRC members.・・・

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